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You guys are the best! At $150/hr, you cost us less than our $40/hr "consultant"! - John Baumgartner, Chief Financial Officer, Copstat Security Inc.

Thanks for an outstanding job on our system's security - Michael Horowitz, Allied/All-City Plumbing

Comprehensive is a quality organization -- They go the "extra mile" - Stephen Vermette, Advantage Business

Their ability to predict and avoid problems saves us big money - Joe Caivano, BPPJ

I was backing up my system daily to prevent problems. One day, my hard drive crashed, so after rebuilding Windows, I tried to restore my data. I was shocked to find that my backups were not readable! Comprehensive showed me a better way to backup and verify my data. Now, I have peace of mind and I'll be saving thousands of dollars by avoiding this problem in the future. - Bob von Ohlen, Superior Business Machines

Comprehensive demonstrates a high level of professionalism. - Mel Frizzell, Medaphis Physician Services

I am very impressed with everything at Comprehensive. - Julie Paolillo, American Society for Technion

I learned a great deal from this class - all of which will be immediately useful when I return to work. I wish that I had taken this course much sooner. - Alison Arnold, Interboro Systems Corp.

Learning was never more enjoyable. - Elizabeth La Magra, Syms Corporation

If you want to learn something about Pick, or need a refresher, you should come to Comprehensive. - Jim Dishong, Bacharach Inc.

I have attended other training classses and I did not find them as memorable as this. Having no prior knowledge of Pick but being a programmer in other languages, I found that this course gave me enough to go into Pick and be productive. - Steve Schutzman, K-Tel

I learned things I never knew could be done in PROC. I was able to relate to everyday occurrences at work. - Steve Levy, Facelifters

It was fun - the small class size helped my questions get answered. - Martha Diesslin, Elderplan

GREAT! AWESOME! You blow them away in style, focus, and the ability to convey the information. - Matt Dye, AC Coin & Slot Service Co.

Very clear - fun - kept my attention. I felt very comfortable. The class is just the right speed. The courseware is exactly what we asked for. Good material. - David A. Dreger, Michigan Peer Review Org.

In the last 5 years, I have attended a couple of other specialized computer courses, as well as general computer courses at college. I feel like I learned more by attending the one week course than I learned in all the others combined (and had twice as much fun doing it). - Cindy Strait, Strait Consulting

The instructor's knowledge, informal environment, and small class size was very conducive to learning. I recommend your classes over any of the competitors' by far. - Martha Hortman, Florida Power and Light

Excellent course and instructor. - Sara Leon, Sun Coast Cruise Services

All of my questions were answered. The pace is smooth and not too fast.It is always fun and interactive. Fully interesting, and totally more informative than I expected. - Eric Berkowitz, Aeroflex Circuit Technology

No comparison - Comprehensive is the obvious leader. I can't wait to go back to work and apply what I've learned. - Steve Williams, Satellite Industries

I learned a great deal from this class - all of which will be immediately useful when I return to work. I wish that I had taken this course much sooner. - Alison Arnold, Interboro Systems Corp.

The information was presented clearly from the layman's point of view. Definitely one of the best courses I've ever taken. - Paul Verhaeghe, Carolina Allergy Clinic

I've waited a long time for this course and I know the training will be very beneficial for myself and the company I work for. Thank you very much. - Lorale Lemke, National Administrators Group

WOW! I learned more in one day at Comprehensive than in a full week in California! - Tom Dodge, Sunrise Credit and Collection