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Expert Services Include:

We focus on your R.O.I., delivering Certified Expert services.

  • True Consulting: Our unique approach and deep expertise translate into your improved profit! We identify and solve problems as well as seek new growth opportunities that typically go undetected.

  • Rent-a-CIO: Small and Medium-sized businesses generally can't afford to hire a full-time CIO, but also can't afford to be without their expertise.  We offer part-time, full-service outsourced CIO functions to keep you efficient and competitive.

  • Database Design, Administration, and Performance Tuning: Good Database Design is critical to your company's productivity — a poor design is pervasive and costs a fortune in work-arounds. Let us help you design a well-performing Database from day one. Or, if you have inherited a legacy design, we’ll find ways to improve its performance.

  • Conversion, Migration, & Integration: Whether you’re just upgrading to another version of a Database or Operating System, or going to an entirely new platform, our effective Conversion and Integration strategy and implementation are essential. We'll cover it from conception and planning through implementation, training, and support.

  • Strategic Planning: Assessing your direction is paramount to your company’s success — it's the foundation upon which everything else is built. Let us help you create a solid foundation and build up from there.

  • Analysis and Design: Like strategic planning, before any programming begins, proper analysis best identifies the need or problem. We systematically get to the core issues then continue with a customized and effective design.

  • Implementation, Training, & Support: Our Implementation transforms the concept into fruition. Next, we train your staff to be more effective, and then we support them to provide maximum uptime and productivity for you and your customers.

  • Structured Programming and Quality Control: We are pioneers in Structured Programming, which is a unique methodology that fosters faster coding, better quality, and much less costly maintenance. Our Quality Control means that you are never surprised with improperly tested processes — why not identify potential problems before they become an embarrassment or huge expense for you?

  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR): Our BCP gives you the ability to identify risks and prevent them before they become outages, and our DR enables you to continue running your business when a disaster does occur. Don’t confuse good luck with good planning™.

  • Security: Security must be addressed in a proactive manner. We provide Risk Analysis, Enterprise-wide Intrusion Prevention, Backup Integrity, e-mail protection, SPOF analysis, and much, much more. And, our methods balance the often overlooked trichotomy of Safety, Cost, and User Productivity.

  • Managed Services and Technical Support: Our Managed Services keep tabs on everything in your enterprise and alert us to issues in a proactive manner, so we can keep everything running like a well-oiled machine. When something goes awry, we solve the problem via phone, remote access, or onsite as needed — so you can focus on your business.

  • Compliance: Whether you are regulated by governmental agencies or you just want to know that your processes and procedures are within tolerance, we make sure that what you do is up to snuff. And, we often find ways of improving processes while performing this function.